Stress, Tension and Mind-Body Relaxation

There are two kinds of stress. External stress is what happens around you, and internal stress is what you feel. Internal stress is your response to external stress.

The goal of stress management is to reduce internal stress. Stress management is not about managing external stress. External stress is mostly unavoidable. If you respond to external stress with anger or fear, your body will prepare for fight or flight. You develop mental and physical tension. If there is anything you can do about your external stress, you’ll see it more clearly and deal with it more effectively when you are relaxed.

Internal stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and addiction. It can damage your relationships. It contributes to many diseases, either directly or indirectly. If you can reduce your internal stress, you will significantly improve your quality of life.

Internal stress, mental stress, and tension are different names for the same thing, and I will use them interchangeably. Often they are shortened to just stress. “I feel stressed.”

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Internal stress is caused by how you respond to your environment. You make yourself tense in a few basic ways:

  • Rushing from one task to another and not being in the moment
  • Worrying about the future but not doing anything to change it
  • Focusing on past disappointments or resentments
  • Trying to control things you can’t control

How you deal with stress may be the most important thing you need to change in your life. When you’re tense, it’s hard to enjoy life. You’re rushing through it. When you’re tense, it’s hard to have healthy relationships because it’s hard to be open.

When you’re tense, it’s hard to change yourself and to keep from repeating old habits. You tend to do what is familiar and wrong instead of what’s new and right. Maybe your tension is turning a perfectly good life into one that is irritable, restless, and discontent. Maybe there is little else you need to change.

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